Bank Holiday Monday

Was, weather wise, a total wash out. However one thing the the great Billy Connolly once said always stands out in my mind “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong choice of clothing”. So with this in mind we wrapped up good and warm and went for a wander around Southport. Like many other seaside towns when the weather is bad and the crowds are low its a little bleak and dreary.

The pubs are open still which funnily enough is where we ended up on our aimless wander. We elected to drop into the potting shed for a pint we only had the one due to the screaming kids in there. Now, before anyone goes overboard on this i know kids need to eat too, but if you have them in a pub at least control them. Do not let them run around screaming uncontrolled, have some respect for the other people in there. Do not just sit there having a drink ignoring your children, they are your responsibility so look after them properly.


Bank Holiday Weekend

The first time in over 4 years that I’ve managed to get a bank holiday off work and what happens? Yes thats right, the heavens have opened. So we are currently sitting in our caravan with the heating on to keep the cold at bay.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit different weather wise.

I think today will be a stay indoors kind if day and watch Formula one with a burger or 2 and a nice cup of tea.

1st week back

After a very relaxing 2 weeks off work where we went camping in our new tent and spent the 2nd week in our caravan. Ive had a very tiring and stressful first week back in work. The job is tough at the best of times but when 1 of you is off leaving you on your own it gets really hard. My colleague was on his own while i was away and now he is away for 2 weeks leaving me on my own. Think i will need another holiday to get over these 2 weeks. Luckily its summer holiday time so a relatively quiet time for us.

This weekend in Southport is the annual flower show in Victoria park. There is a bus service from the rail station if you dont feel like driving there. Click here for the web site.

There will be a wide range of things to see and do so well worth a visit.

Until next time, take care and be safe.

Final Day

Well guys, this is my final day of my 2 week holiday. I have to say its been great, the first week was spent in the lakes camping and enjoying it. The 2nd week just milling about in the caravan doing blissfully very little.

I am spending my last day in the site club having lunch and watching Liverpool on the tv. First game of the season is always a good one, it points towards how your season will go.


I have been a Liverpool fan for as long as i can remember, ive seen good times and not so good times but always supported them.

Who do you support and what are your hopes for the coming season. Let me know.

A visit to the vampires

Otherwise known as a trip to the blood donation centre in Liverpool. I have been a donor for years and think that everyone (if possible) should give blood, you never know when your going to need it yourself. If you feel like signing up to help save someones life then CLICK HERE Its an amazing gift to give.

A little walk away from the donation centre is cafe nero

You are supposed to rest for a short while after giving blood to ensure you dont have a dizzy spell, but i prefer to come here for my rest period.

While we where out and about we bought a chicken for dinner so as its currently in the oven cooking we thought a drink would be nice, so out we popped to the club and Mrs H said she felt like chips.

Chips and a pint

Todays thoughts and doings

Hi guys, its been a few days since my last blog entry. After our break away in the Lakes I’ve taken a few days for myself doing absolutely nothing, and have to admit to loving it.

Anyway back to today. Mrs H and myself have come into Southport for a wander, no real plans just an amble around to stretch the legs and came across a pub we’ve never been to before. Punch Tarmeys on Lord street is a good old fashioned Irish bar, just my kind of place, i think i will be here again

With a good selection of beer and real ales, spirits and gins they have a drink for everyone. They are currently refurbishing the kitchen so we havent been able to sample the food but when we can we will and will report back to you. If your in Southport and feel the need for some refreshment i would advise visiting here.

Day 6

The day has arrived when we need to de pitch the tent and as expected it is throwing it down. The rain in no way dampened (excuse the pun) our enthusiasm for camping, bad weather is all part and parcel of the whole experience.

I havent got any photos of our work in the rain but i can assure you all that we where well and truly soaked. So much so that before driving away from the site i decided to get changed into some dry clothes, luckily i had foreseen this and left some trousers handy to get at.

The journey was a bit of an anti climax really because neither of us felt like stopping off anywhere so we came straight to the caravan. The tent is still folded up in the boot, it was raining far too heavy to be worrying about putting it back in the bag, so it got stuffed as best as we could into the boot. It would have to come out of its bag anyway as it needs drying off. The rain has stopped and the sun is coming out a little so maybe i can sort the tent this afternoon.

Back at Riverside and the safety of our caravan and decided to come for lunch at the site club before tackling the tent. It needs folding properly after a bit of a dry and a wipe down. Having my first pint of Carling in quite while

Nice pint

Ive mentioned the food at the Harrisons Bar & Grill in a previous blog Harrisons so wont go any further with it here.