A hot saturday in August๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

It is currently 24 degrees or 75 in proper terms and Mrs H and myself are sitting in our local having a nice cold pint.

Carlsberg Export

Now I am no lager snob, however, I don’t usually like Carlsberg but this place is selling export which I have to admit I am getting used to. It’s actually not a bad pint. I have never had a bad drink here. We are at their Southport site Riverside Caravan Park. Being an ex bar man myself, i am always hyper critical of pubs but i have absolutely no complaints as to how this bar is run and managed.

Bar during covid 19 restrictions

Very Inspiring

I am a fairly recent fan of Kerry Irving and his wonderful dogs, however I, like every one else that follows their antics on Facebook, are glued to the screen and look forward to the usually twice daily live videos. You can follow them here

The book is so inspirational for many people. I found myself unable to put it down. If you have any form of depression, illness or just a love of dogs then i cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Hesketh Park

Hesketh Park is one of the largest parks in Southport. The Victorian Park has plenty to offer visitors, a short mile walk away and with plenty of on street parking, this picturesque park is a perfect place to lose track of time.

The gardens and ornate fountains have been restored and reconstructed, to bring the park back to its former glory. There are numerous nature trails, varied wildlife, a large lake, a children’s play area.

Features include;

  • The American Garden
  • The Clock Garden
  • The Specimen Garden
  • The Herbaceous Walk
  • Mixed Flower Garden

This was taken from http://www.visitsouthport.com

Lake district

Mrs H and I decieded to go to the Lake district because we love it there, eapecially Grasmere and Hawkshead. These are 2 small villages that i could very happily live in.

Grasmere main road.

The weather isnt the best but really, who cares its the lakes. As soon as i get here i feel any troubles just melt away, its so relaxing.


Another Tuesday night lotto has been and gone with no winning ticket for me, I’m still a pauper, and Charlie dog is still a scruffy individual. Really need to find a good groomer.

Charlie needs a hair cut โœ‚๏ธ

The weather today is not very good, we have had a light rain for most of the morning although the temperature has remained around the 18 degree mark so it’s quite “muggy”.

Mrs H and I decided to nip into town for a few household bits that we needed. Lunch was had at Pippins, which is a lovely little cafe in Southport, one that we regularly go to. On the way back to the car the magnetic pull of Go Outdoors proved to be too strong for me to ignore. I ended up buying a new pair of walking shoes, not boots. These will be for general local walks “pavement pounding” any serious walking that we do will of course be done in my boots.

Not bad for ยฃ60.00 almost half price

1st Monday of the holidays.

Today is the first day of the school summer holidays, I am in furlough from work and Mrs.H doesn’t work during school holidays, so what are we going to do today?

We have decided not to do too much today so apart from a trip to the supermarket for a bit of food, we’re going to have a lazy day. On the way back to the caravan we decided to stop in to one of our local hostilaries “The Shrimper” which has only recently reopened. Obviously all the usual social distancing rules are being applied here so no worries about possible infection. They do have a track and trace system in operation which is simple and straight forward.


Gammon for Mrs H and rump steak for me, can’t find fault with either meal even Charlie dog, who we left in the caravan, will profit a little from this visit.

Fylde road, Marshside. Southport

Mere Sands Woods

So, lockdown is just about over and one of our favourite nature reserves, the above titled Mere Sands Woods has finally reopened after several months of being closed.

The weather was lovely, just right for walking with Mrs. H and Charlie dog. None of us have done any walking through the lockdown so this was just a short walk to get the legs moving again.

This is my photo for Alive and Trekking photo challenge.

Otterspool Prom

We decided to have a walk down by the river dor a change, so myself, Mrs H and Charlie dog jumped into the car and off we went.

Our destination was Otterspool Promenade, a lovely quiet place right on the River Mersey. Its a great place to come for a nice peaceful stroll. You can walk the full length of the prom from Garston docks right up to The pier Head and the Royal Albert Dock.

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